Guide to August 4 Election

DEMOCRATIC & INDEPENDENT (if there is no Democrat running) CANDIDATES: This is not an exhaustive list. We will update as we gather more information. Please leave anything blank if you aren’t sure. Please vote to retain all judges. Here is the sample ballot.

Governor of Tennessee Democratic Primary Candidates

Carnita Faye Atwater, D

Dr. Jason Martin, D

J.B. Smiley, Jr., D

State House, District 39

Bruce Manuel, D

U.S. House District 4

Wayne Steele, D

Arnold J. White, D

District Attorney General, District 12

Mike Taylor, I

County Mayor Candidates

Eddie Clark, I

Gene Snead, I

County Clerk Candidates

Annette Garner Sisk, I


Tim Fuller, I

County Commission

District 1, Seat A:

District 1, Seat B

District 2, Seat A

District 2, Seat B

District 3, Seat A. Scottie Riddle, I

District 3, Seat B

District 4, Seat A J.M. Hogan McDonald, I

District 4, Seat B

District 5, Seat A: Bruce McMillan, D

District 5, Seat B: Spike Hosch, D

District 6, Seat A Barbara Finney, D

District 6, Seat B Michelle Earle, I

District 7, Seat A

District 7, Seat B Angie Fuller, I

District 8, Seat A

District 8, Seat B

School Board

District 1: Floyd Blackwell, D

District 2:

District 3:

District 4:

District 5: Sarah Marhevsky, I

District 6:

District 7: Ashley Bowers, D

District 8:

Road Commissioner

District 1 & 5: Johnny Hughes, D

District: 2 & 7:

District 3 & 4: Bobby Clark, I

District 6 & 8:

General Sessions Judge

David Stewart, I

County Trustee

Kristie Bell, I

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